J.Jasinskio g. 11, LT-01112 Vilnius, tel. +370 5 249 6517, el. p.

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Vilnius Simonas Daukantas gymnasium

J. Jasinskio str. 11

Vilnius Lt –01111


Tel./fax.: (+370 5) 2496517




Jolanta Knyvienė, Principal

Dana Kanclerienė, Vice-Principal for Studies

Daiva Savčiukienė, Vice-Principal for Studies

Ramunė Vosylienė, Vice-Principal for Studies

Rimantas Kynas, Vice-Principal for School Economy


Gymnasium provides basic and secondary education for students of age 14-19.




In the year 1993 on the initiative of Vilnius Pedagogical University on the premises of former kindergarten an exclusive University school in the city was founded. Right away the school became the centre of  deployment of modern methodology, application of new coursebooks, co-operation of lecturers and teachers, trainee teachers practice arena,and the place where conferences and seminars were held. In the year 1997 the school was reorganized into secondary school and was awarded Simonas Daukantas name. The school had the first graduates in 1999-2000.

With the increase of students number, the school premises became too small. In 2001 the school moved to bigger premises in Naugarduko str.7. In 2007 Vilnius “Ąžuolas“ primary school was incorporated into our school. From September 1, 2007 year 1-8 students attend school in Naugarduko str.7, year 9-12 students – in J.Jasinskio str.11.

In March 2009 Vilnius Simonas Daukantas secondary school was awarded gymnasium status.





Vitae, non scholae discimus

(We study for life but not for school)



     The gymnasium is a modern educational institution which aims to help the students cultivate creativity and critical thinking skills as well as foster national identity and openness to cultural diversity.



The gymnasium:

1.      provides Year 9-12 students with the second part of the curriculum of basic education and secondary (matura) education;

2.      aims to ensure that every student makes the highest possible progress;

3.      reinforces humanistic values and fosters the maturation of the student’s national identity;

4.      provides the basic skills of independent, active and responsible life;

5.      encourages the full co-operation among school community members and responsibility for their performance;

6.      implements partnership with social partners.




  • Learning;

  • Responsibility for one‘s own actions;

  • Creativity;

  • Co-operation;

  • Fostering national traditions;

  • Citizenship and openness to cultural diversity.



  1. To create a suitable educational environment that fosters every learner‘s successful learning and self-realisation;

  2. To develop a framework for helping the students’ abilities needed to get established and successfully compete in the shifting labour market;

  3. To educate enterprising, active and creative human beings;

  4. To assist the students in improving personal and social competences as well as the skills to live a healthy lifestyle.



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